Connectivity is the key to your business success

We understand that connectivity is the lifeblood of business . We will help you choose the right package for your business in it’s current stage and to help you plan for the future. From low cost broadband solutions and leased lines through to intelligent VOIP systems.

Telephone Lines

Your number is often one of the first things a customer will see. Choose from local or national numbers to bolster your brand and improve your first contact with customers.

Amica empowers your brand to be local, national and international.

Our SmartCall bundles with 8,000 bundled minutes per line deliver you peace of mind.

Smart VOIP Systems

Amica can help you design and implement the right VOIP phone system for your business. A flexible and powerful solution complete with; hunt groups, wall boards, queue management and out of hours diversion.

Our call analytics platform empowers you to make smart business decision, measure success and save money.

Cutting edge telephony hardware and software means that your customers are never more than a phone call away.

ADSL Broadband

ADSL is the most commonly broadband type available in the market today. ADSL broadband is the most cost effective way to keep your business connected to the internet. Our ADSL solution comes complete with a free wireless router, technical support and a free phone line all at a low monthly price.

Technical Support

Benefit from industry leading technical support.

Free Wireless Router

Delivering powerful WiFi to your business.

Unlimited Data Usage

 No need to keep track of data usage.

Our Partners

We bring you the very best in telecoms software and hardware.

Superfast Broadband

Offering your business the best in class superfast fibre broadband at a great value price. Superfast fibre broadband gives you business the competitive edge it needs to grow. All of our broadband packages come complete with dedicated support and a router.

Ultrafast Broadband

Delivering ultrafast fibre broadband directly to your door. This allows your business to use data intensive applications whilst your staff surf the internet and send emails. Ultrafast fibre broadband is the pinnacle in small business broadband.

Leased Lines

A leased line gives your business dedicated internet access meaning you don’t share your line with anybody else. Your leased line become a silent partner in your business giving you the necessary bandwidth to perform data intensive tasks.

Inspect and Plan

The first stage of any leased line is to understand the requirements of your project. We’ll work with you to ensure that each stage of the project delivers on time.


After your consultation period we will then implement the plan designed with you. We’ll take care of every step from engineer assignment through to end usage hardware.

Go Live

On the go live date an expert engineer will be on site to ensure that all of your site requirements are met. Delivering you a strong, stable and powerful connectivity solution.

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Mobile Solutions

Central to your business is the ability for your staff to be connected no matter where in the world they are. This is why we’ve partnered up with two of the UK’s greatest phone networks.Giving your team the ability to work, take calls and communicate.

Our flexible phone plans and mobile phone leasing solutions mean you can deliver the right resources to your team at the right time.

Powered by Vodafone

Providing the UK with 99% coverage Vodafone is one of the nations greatest mobile providers. Our partnership with them gives you the ability to utilise their coverage and improved price plans.

Powered by o2

The UK’s largest mobile phone network, o2 provides you with reliabiltiy, flexbility and modern mobile phone plans. Each of our two providers offer you distinct benefits and incredible UK coverage.

Custom Software Development

We’ve been passionately developing software for large and small customers globally for over twenty years. We help your businesses fulfill their potential with a bespoke solution.


Simply brilliant cloud-based EPoS software designed for hospitality and retail. Eliminate unnecessary infrastructure, reduce your costs and increase your productivity with TenderPOS.

Custom Development

A demanding business environment requires custom software development to help you achieve your goals. Amica Business solutions is your partner.

Get in Touch

Amica Business Solutions is the company to help guide your business through it’s next stages of growth. Providing you with smart technological solutions to deliver sustainable growth.

Connectivity Solutions

Our connectivity solutions provide your business with modern and powerful tools to keep you connected. Our expert advisers can help your decide on the tools your business needs to always stay connected.

Merchant Services

State of the art payment devices, and powerful payment gateways combined with low rates and flexible contract terms empower you to make forward thinking decisions for your business.

Custom Development

Help your business flourish with custom software development solutions that help you move to the next stage of your business growth.

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