Before you begin, you must be authorised to contract on behalf of the EU trading business. i.e. be an owner or director (or equivalent).

Your application will take 2-5 minutes to complete.

Please answer each of the following questions in full. Any missing or incomplete information could result in a delay in your assessment.


Business Legal Name
Business Trading Name
Business Address

Business Phone Number
Trading Type
Proof of Your Business Address

POAs- We require the copies of this documents to be issued within 90 days from the date provided to us , as well as the copies must be clear and show the full document. Please see below list of acceptable POAs.


• A valid UK/EU photocard driving licence (full or provisional)
• A housing association tenancy agreement or rent card
• A national Identity card (if non-UK national)
• A mortgage / loan statement
• A bank/building society statement (not a CashFlows account)
• A Local Authority Council Tax demand letter or statement
• A utility bill (gas, electric, water, internet, home phone bill, NOT mobile phone bill)
• A solicitors letter confirming recent house sale (previous address must also be verified)
• An HM Revenue & Customs letter (coding confirmation/assessment letter/tax credit) quoting the individual’s National Insurance Number
• A current benefits agency benefit book or letter confirming entitlements to benefits
• A current residence permit or state ID card where valid/address on card
• A housing association tenancy agreement or rent card
• A solicitors letter confirming house sale (Previous address must also be verified)
• Individuals current valid TV license/vehicle license

*Preferred File Type (.pdf / .jpg) NOT more than 10MB


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